Safety Tips

We help build trust within our community

Stufful takes care of the personal safety of our members. We have tools that help our community stay safe, whether you buy or sell. Here's what you need to know about our safety processes.


Build a community

Fill out your profile - transparency creates trust, which can also increase your sales. And if you see something that does not meet the standards of our community, let us know so that our team takes care of things.


Get verified

To instantly boost your trustworthiness, take a moment and verify your personal data on Stufful. And if you'd like to see whether another member has verified their data, simply click through to their profile.



Our secure messaging tool helps you find out every detail about the item you're considering purchasing. You can send a message to any member as well as block any member if you do not want a conversation.



Stufful members can report any items that do not comply with our Catalog Rules and are harmful to the community.


Safe payments

All Stufful payments are handled by our trusted partner Braintree - a PayPal Service, whose secure technology makes sure money is sent safely and reliably.


Secure personal data

We securely store only the minimum amount of information that we are required to keep on our members.


Our support

You can contact our Customer Support and get a response within 24 hours.

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