Catalog Rules


We seek to ensure that Stufful is a friendly and safe place, therefore we ask our members to comply with the Catalogue rules when they upload their items.


If the content you post on Stufful does not comply with these rules, or is contrary to the current legal provisions or good customs, we will withdraw it from sale. Please note: If you promote a listing which violates our Catalogue Rules and we have to remove or hide the listing, we won't be able to refund you the cost of the promotion.


Here you'll find a list of things that you cannot post on Stufful:


  • Enquiry notices (looking to buy, searching for, etc.).
  • Illegal and/or dangerous actions.
  • Advertising, spamming, email chains, pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing, threats, and/or fraud.
  • Links to direct traffic to other web pages or apps.
  • Weapons or explosive material.
  • Prescription medication and drugs.
  • Animals.
  • Tobacco and related products.
  • Food and drink.
  • State-owned equipment or products received as part of government assistance.
  • Products that must be sterile (surgical equipment, etc.).
  • Unsealed and/or used cosmetics or perfumery items.
  • Real or virtual currency exchange.
  • Tickets to events, general tickets and transport tickets.
  • Gift cards.
  • Betting services.
  • Infringement of intellectual property or industrial rights, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, fakes or trade secrets.
  • Infringement of privacy rights.
  • Images that are inaccurate or do not correctly show the offered product.
  • Sexual content of any kind (images and/or description). Therefore, it is not permitted to post ads related to sex, eroticism or fetishism, nor related to sexual massage, companionship and/or prostitution.
  • Nudes of individuals with visible genitalia, female nipples, anus or buttocks. Photographs of paintings, sculptures and other works of art that show nudes are permitted.
  • Report the behaviour of other users on the application. If you have an issue with a buyer or seller, you can report it from the conversation you had with them.
  • We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, intolerance and/or racial slur.
  • It is not permitted to publish ads whose content promotes, supports or commemorates hate or extremist groups.
  • Products that incite violence against people, animals or things.
  • Jokes or false, dishonest, ambiguous, incorrect or misleading content or content that redirects to unauthorised content.
  • Items with are related to or recovered from natural disasters, crime scenes, accidents or tragedies.
  • Parts or simulations of the human body, bodily fluids, human remains.
  • Content related to an individual under the age of 18
  • The sale of objects containing ivory is not allowed.
  • The offer of aesthetic treatment services that must be performed by health professionals is prohibited, as well as the publication of products administered in said practices.
  • Product stocks out of stock.
  • Selling stolen items.
  • It is not permitted to publish photos that are not of the item for sale.
  • Petrol or any type of fuel.
  • Mileage reprogramming service.
  • Electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarette parts and accessories.
  • Modified electronic products.
  • Emulators or other software that allows you to run a programme on a device which it is not designed for.
  • Decoders, Raspberrys or Kodi Technology programmed for illegal use.
  • Professional medical instrumentation.
  • SIM cards or prepaid cards for mobile phones and phone numbers.
  • Cryptocurrencies.
  • Hunting knives or pocket knives with a blade longer than 10cm.
  • Hunting traps.
  • Long-range or potentially dangerous lasers.
  • Flashed (pirated) consoles.
  • Marijuana or tobacco seeds.
  • Garments made using the skins of endangered animals.
  • Erotic toys.
  • Black magic, tarot reading, voodoo or similar services.
  • Electronic device modification services.
  • Software redistribution services for which a license is required.
  • Granting loans.
  • Services for selling followers for social networks, YouTube channels, web pages, domains, etc.
  • Trader services, tipstering and sports betting advice.
  • Services for boosting your level in digital games.
  • It is not permitted to discriminate based on race, gender, age, nationality, religion, etc.
  • It is not permitted to post job offers without a contract or unpaid work.
  • It is not permitted to publish work requests.


Job offers can only be published by employers under these conditions: it is mandatory to publish the job title, specification and working conditions.

Title: Job Title

Description: Job specification and working conditions

Price: Gross salary





You need to upload each of your items separately, under their corresponding category and you can list them only once.


Bundle listings (sets) must state 'bundle' or 'set' in the listings' title and description. Each bundle listing must have the total price for all the items it includes. The items included in the bundle cannot be listed separately.


All the items should have an appropriate item condition assigned to them.


We do not allow listing any items which are intended to be sold for commercial purposes:

  • a large number of brand new items
  • items with a note 'can be ordered'
  • items that are listed by using pictures from the internet or stock photos.


We don't allow adding notes 'sold', 'currently out of stock', 'check back later', etc. to the title of the item when you've already sold, exchanged or given it away. Press the button 'Mark as sold' on the listing and we'll hide it from other members.


The price of your item must match the real value of the item. We do not allow listings with unusually low / high price.


Requirements for the item's photos:

  • They have to represent the item as it is - no image editing is allowed.
  • They must be sharp and clear. 
  • They have to be taken by you, with the purpose of using the photos on Stufful.
  • They cannot be replaced with stock photos, photos from ads and watermarked images.
  • The first photo should clearly represent the item. You're free to choose how you want to showcase your item in your additional photos.





When members disregard our Catalogue rules, we take the following measures:

  • If we see that a member's listing needs some amendments, we make it invisible and send a message to the member informing them about the actions they need to take. Until the member doesn't take these actions, their item remains hidden.
  • If we see a member's listing that includes a forbidden item, we delete the listing and send them a message informing about the reason for the deletion.
  • If a member uploads forbidden items repeatedly, we suspend their account for an unlimited period of time or even block it, and we send a message to the member informing them about it.

Sometimes some disputes can occur among members. If that's the case and you can not come to a mutual agreement with the other member even with our team's involvement - our team has the decisive vote on how the situation will be solved.


We understand that there are many rules to read through and comply with, hence it is natural that some of them might not be clear. If you have any questions - contact our team and we'll be happy to assist you.


Our team reserves the right to change the above-stated rules.

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